Writing on: Dancing.

I love dancing. I was once enrolled in Kathak class but I didn’t continue because I didn’t fancy the teacher.  I was young and dumb because I have always felt this natural inbuilt love for both music and dance. Dancing was my escape while growing up. When life rained hard on me, dance became myContinue reading “Writing on: Dancing.”

Writing on: silence.

Silence is beautiful, serene and very underrated. Many find it unsettling, even I do at times. So, strangers can never be silent with each other. They say talk is cheap and silence is gold. Silent holds a very disciplinary place in our judgment. In school, we are to be silent in the class.Pin drop silence,Continue reading “Writing on: silence.”


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About Me

I am Megha Chakraborty, currently a film maker. I work behind the camera and also write stories. I have also worked as a social worker, Wedding and Automobile photographer.I love running and also ride (scooties). I am a Indian Book record holder as well.

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